This is a Demo Version of a full game that I am working on. In this Demo you can play the infinite runner version of the game. It’s free, but please, if you like it, support my work!

Get ready for my breathtaking new game, Rowdy OOB!

Prepare yourself for a one-of-its-kind infinite runner game. Your task is to outrun a stubborn dog that you awakened when walking in a farm in search of something good to eat. You can resist anything but temptation: avoid the bunnies, they are so tasty, but also heavy…they will slow you down and let you Out of Breath

If you’re looking for a game which tests your skills, provides captivating gameplay, provokes big laughs, and presents you with a new audio-visual experience, then Rowdy OOB will surely satisfy your gaming desires!

You can play by tapping the button on touchscreen devices or using the keyboard on your computer:

S” – jump

X” – go underground when there is a hole in the ground

SPACE” – punch

Choose the difficulty level:

EASY     great way to get comfortable with your jumps and punches!

NORMAL   remember that when you bump into obstacles or enemies, you lose some clarity and cannot jump or throw punches right away!

HARD     when the going gets tough! Continuous obstacles and longer recovery times make this experience very intense!

I am currently working on the full version of the game, no longer an endless run, but a run with wonderful adventures, hidden passages, traps and other farm surprises in strange new environments, with the ultimate mission to escape the dog!