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  • Go through the 135 levels of the game.
  • Game set in squares, buildings, in the cities of London, Paris, New York.
  • Use or avoid obstacles: street lamps, poles, steps, flower pots, bushes, cages, bags of corn, teleporters, poisons.
  • Face enemies: cats, mice, planes, clapping hands.
  • Colect golden popcorn to get fun accessories for your pigeons.
  • Get rewards for your loyalty.
  • Take advantage of the shop to accessories your pigeons.

Pigeons Stop is an original action puzzle game that introduces new gameplay dynamics. Android version is free to start, with in-app purchases available. No internet connectivity is required to play, but it is recommended.


The developer of Pigeons Stop is Cico Dev, an independent developer.

Cico Dev has always had an interest in programming, graphics and video games since he was a child (it all started with a Texas Instruments TI-99 / 4A bought by his father).

Cico Dev decided to start the development business in 2014 when he heard the news that his third child would be born. The idea of Pigeons Stop was born at that moment, but his work as an engineer, the management of the family did not allow him to carry on the project immediately. In 2019 Cico Dev decides to quit his job and attempt the adventure as an independent developer by taking over the Pigeons Stop project.
Cico Dev has done everything about the game: design, coding and sound effects (also the pigeons voices). He asked his brother Genio to compose and perform the music.
The game was released on the Google Play Store on November 26, 2020.

PIGEONS STOP on 11 December 2020, was invited to participate in the GDWC 2020 (Game Development World Championship).

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